Why Paleo?

What is Paleo diet food?

Why Paleo? What Does “Paleo” Mean?

Why Paleo? Nowadays the “paleo” label is tossed around on every food blog. It seems that every cookbook or foodie blog of the paleo genre is based on assumptions about Paleolithic eating habits. Cavemen were hunter-gathers. What they ate and why they were healthier for it is the basis for the Paleo diet. Today, we are trying to return to an optimal diet based on ancestral eating informed by modern science-based nutritional research.

At the Byrd House our guiding dietary principles are certainly informed by the Paleo diet. We also have learned from the Perfect Health Diet, Whole30, and other rational and logical sources of diet information. But, the name ‘paleo’ seems to remain the short hand for a whole foods, nutrient rich, toxin-free diet. Eating Paleo is the opposite of eating the modern processed food so lacking in nutrients and loaded with substances that are simply toxic. So, we thought, “If the [paleo] shoe fits, wear it.” And, thus Byrd House Paleo was born.

Even the leading guru of all things paleo, Chris Kresser, admits that just what comprises a “paleo” diet or lifestyle is up for discussion:

“I really wish there was a word (other than paleo) I could use to describe a nutrient-dense, toxin-free, whole-foods based diet. Because that’s kind of a mouthful, and it leaves a lot open to interpretation . . . So I go on using the term “paleo” to loosely refer to a diet that emphasizes animal protein and fats, starchy & non-starchy vegetables, fermented foods, raw dairy (when tolerated) and fruit, nuts & seeds (in moderation).”

Setting aside the arguments as to what cavemen really ate, suffice it to say, the advent of the agricultural revolution and the industrial capacity to refine, mass-produce and genetically modify foodstuffs has been both a blessing, and a bane, for society. Today, the evidence has become undeniable that modern processed foods have caused an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.

What is Paleo Diet Food?

Eating ‘paleo’ means replacing wheat, sugar, industrial seed oils and other unhealthy foods with whole foods, that are nutrient rich and toxin free.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it is in our hands to make educated choices about what we eat and how we live. Always remember that the Paleo lifestyle more than a diet – it’s an adventure in fine tuning and supercharging the one thing over which you have the most control – your diet!

We might add – Paleo cooking is a lot of fun! Eating Paleo food is even better!

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Is Paleo Healthy?

Don’t take our word for it – see what the gurus say!

What We Eat

The good stuff!

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