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Byrd House Paleo Healthy Links

The Byrd House sous chefs are constantly sharing links to all kinds of healthy web content. We invite you to check out this treasure trove of cooking, health and nutrition content. But, beware of going down ‘rabbit holes’ leading deeper into the world of healthy Paleo nutrition!

Each card on this page holds a week’s worth of notable links. Enjoy!

Healthy Links Vol. 5

Links to articles on high intensity intermittent training, causes of Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, sugary breakfast cereals and benefits of red wine.

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Healthy Links 2017 Week 1

Coffee and vision loss? LCHF diets don’t increase mortality rates in those with heart disease! Nightshade veggies and arthritis. Is gluten sensitivity real? InstantPot beef stew.

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Healthy Links Week 5

The pros and cons of Bulletproof inspired coffee and how we make our morning Joe. We also tried a Mahi recipe that is really good.

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Healthy Links Week 4

Healthy links to Intermittent Fasting, inexpensive Christmas gifts, fasting recipes, Teen Virgins, sleep deprivation and more . . .

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Healthy Links Week 3

Leftover turkey, red wine hot chocolate, eating orange, scary dementia study, putting that new Instant Pot to work, and some good recipe newsletters.

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