Healthy Links Week 3

Quote of the Week

“ . . . there’s no mistaking that I still have a serious autoimmune condition – but changing my diet empowered me in a time when I thought I was out of options. In late 2010 I started blogging about the food I was eating, and documenting the recipes I developed; everything else just took off from there.” Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man

Recipes We Like

Red wine hot chocolate, what’s not to like here??

Leftover Turkey Punjabi-style anyone? Oh Man, is Indian food wonderful . . .

Healthy Links

Why should we eat orange vegetables? Vitamin A? Actually, you should eat liver. Interesting short article about how we process beta carotene. 

Dementia Study: Scary Study from JAMA links Benadryl, Advil PM, Tylenol PM, and other common medications for insomnia with dementia.

While we’re thinking about our brains, read this article about why we are not really the rational beings we think we are.

Instant Pot – Got it! – Now What?

What are you going to do with that Instant Pot you bought on Black Friday? Here are 50 ways to get cooking with your Instant Pot from The Kitchn website.

Big Media Food Newsletters are Not So Bad

NBC and The New York Times have recipe/food sites with opt-in newsletters. Of course, not all their recipes are Paleo, but still many are stimulating and ripe for modification with the right substitutions.

NBC’s Today Show has a decent recipe page and you can sign up for their Food Club Newsletter.

The NY Times Cooking page is always interesting. Sign up for “What to Cook This Week/Weekend” newsletter from The Times’ Sam Sifton for weekly inspiration.

And, if you want a pure Paleo newsletter, sign up for Nom Nom Paleo Newsletter.

But, if you want the real deal, sign up for The Domestic Man bi-weekly newsletter for some super-excellent REALLY TASTY paleo recipes every Tuesday.

Great Stock Photos at

We plan to showcase a photo each week from one of the superb photographers who contribute to under a Creative Commons Zero license. This week our cover photo is by Unsplash photographer Alisa Anton.


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