Healthy Links Week 1

Quote of the Week

“Was the entire obesity epidemic simply a sudden, simultaneous, coordinated, worldwide lack of willpower? . . . By declaring that their scientifically unproven caloric reduction advice was flawless, doctors and nutritionists could conveniently shift the blame from themselves to you. It wasn’t their fault. It was yours.” Jason Fung MD

Donuts, Ice Cream and Random Recipes

It’s the sweet treat time of the year. This no nut, no flour, no dairy, low sugar donut caught my eye.

This ice cream recipe is also a compliment to the fall season and has no added sugar.

Research proves that high-fat cheese is perfectly healthy and delicious.

Wonky Stuff

Hormones control weight gain and obesity, NOT calories in, calories out.

REAL research confirms how and why fasting is path to health.

More on the sugar conspiracy and how Big Sugar made us fat.

Organic meat is better (and worth the extra cost).

Studies show that food fried in extra virgin olive oil improves insulin response.

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