Healthy Links Vol. 5

Healthy Links Vol 5

These healthy links caught our eye latley. Check them out . . .

How’s Your Methylation (Huh?)

What is all this talk about methylation? Well, … “If your body’s methylation is not working at an optimal level it will translate into many different health problems and will accelerate your aging process. In fact, if methylation would stop altogether you would die in just a few days!” So, what is “methylation” all about?

High Intensity Training

Why cardio doesn’t work and high intensity intermittent training does. Really.

Red Wine: Good or Bad?

Fox News tackles the age-old argument. 

Chris Kresser has recently taken up the argument in a definitive two-part article. Read Article One Here  Read Article Two Here 

Infections and Alzheimer’s

Is Alzheimer’s an infectious disease? “One of the latest and most promising of these is that Alzheimer’s is an infectious disease, caused by pathogenic microbes like fungi, bacteria, and viruses.”

More on how infections may lead to dementia.

Gut Bacteria and Alzheimer’s – “Because our gut bacteria have a major impact on how we feel through the interaction between the immune system, the intestinal mucosa and our diet, the composition of the gut microbiota is of great interest to research on diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease

Blood Sugar is Definitely Involved in Alzheimer’s. “For the first time a “tipping point” molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease has been established by scientists, who have shown that excess glucose damages a vital enzyme involved with inflammation response to the early stages of Alzheimer’s.”

It’s the Diet Stupid! “The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is expected to triple in the coming decades and no cure has been found. Recently, interest in dietary approaches for prevention of cognitive decline has increased. In particular, the omega-3 fatty acids have shown anti-amyloid, anti-tau and anti-inflammatory actions in the brains of animals. In a new article published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers have found that for patients with high omega-3 levels, blood flow in specific areas of the brain is increased.”

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

No Duh! “Experts warn that sugar may have an outsize role in causing obesity and diabetes—thus increasing the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease.”

Better Blood Pressure Meds

“A breakthrough by British scientists could pave the way for more effective blood pressure drugs.

Experts have discovered how the body regulates blood pressure – giving them a way to replicate it with medication.”

Waist Size and Heart Risk??? Check your belt size . . .

Trust the Government on Diet?

US Dietary Guidelines (DGAs) have ignored vast amounts of rigorous scientific evidence. This evidence is on key issues such as saturated fats and low-carbohydrate diets.”

Still Eating Sugary Cereal?

“Kellogg’s, the world’s leading cereal manufacturer, has spent millions of pounds on research to counter claims that its sugar-laden products are fueling the obesity crisis.” 

Favorite Recipe This Week

Speaking of low carb sweets, “These Keto Brownies are made with just 8 ingredients and are a fantastic low-carb dessert.”

The Moral of the Story

Well, eat your vegetables! “The study shows that the risk of dying prematurely from all causes was reduced by almost a third, and the risk of cardiovascular disease by about a quarter in people who ate 800 grams of fruit and vegetables every day, compared with those who ate very little or no fruits and vegetables.”

Lastly a tip

Check out Diet Doctor a great low carb web resource.



Healthy Links 2017 Week 1

Healthy Links 2017 Week 1

Coffee and vision loss? LCHF diets don’t increase mortality rates in those with heart disease! Nightshade veggies and arthritis. Is gluten sensitivity real? InstantPot beef stew.

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