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Let’s Cook Some Great Paleo Diet Recipes!

About Us

Let us tell you all about us!

But, first some history.

Memories come easy sitting here at our kitchen table. Our kitchen has always been the center of Byrd House family life. The kitchen is our “situation room.” All of our plans, great and small, were born and nurtured here. Reflections fill this room. This is where we practiced lines for the elementary school play, filled out college applications and planned weddings. Our kitchen has served us well as a base of operations.

Lately, we’ve focused more and more on nutritional research. We spend a lot of time reading and thinking about healthy eating. We read and analyze  all the healthy diet news we can find. Now it’s time to start pulling together and writing down what we have learned about the Paleo lifestyle. Our children, now adults, have in large part influenced our cooking and nutritional evolution, including our transition into the world of Paleo diet recipes.

The Byrd House Paleo Food Blog is born!

So, what better way to share the Byrd House kitchen with the world than to begin a food blog. We call it “Byrd House Paleo.” The idea is to put into words and pictures how we cook and how we think about healthy eating. In essence, we plan to write about how we do Paleo our way!

In that vein, Melane (or “YaYa” as she is known by our grandson Jacob) is our fearless leader. It would be an understatement to suggest that our family is drawn together by the shear strength of her matriarchal personality – a tangible, loving and compelling presence that, like the force of gravity, may be felt but not fully explained.

Healthy Diet News & Research.

In recent years, Melane has become our resident expert on human nutrition. She has been inspired  in no small part by the likes of Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson,  Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet, Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, and a host of other respected folks who write about healthy eating.

We try hard to emulate, but modify for a our tastes and lifestyle, the best recipes and cooking of our favorite chefs, such as Alton Brown, Julia Child, the folks at Cooks Illustrated, and other food bloggers we greatly admire.

Let’s Cook Some Great Paleo Diet Recipes!

As a result, we are doing all we can at the Byrd House to eat and live healthy. The Paleo diet plan with some modifications is where we are. Once you check out the science and the diet plan you will be a fan of Paleo, too.

We hope you enjoy our Paleo diet recipes and above all we hope you take time to digest some important nutritional information we will provide.

All in all, we wish you take away a long life and a healthier lifestyle from visiting Byrd House Paleo.

Take the leap like we did. Let’s start cooking some great paleo diet recipes right now!

Thanks for letting us tell you about us.

Johnnie and Melane Byrd, Sept. 2015

Let’s Cook Some Great Tasting Recipes!

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