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Exciting paleo and ketogenic recipes and nutrition at Byrd House Paleo!


Learn what leading nutrition experts say about ketogenic and paleo diets.


We’re always digging into something new and exciting at the Byrd House.

Some of Our Favorite Categories


Tender foods cooked quickly at high heat, usually on the stovetop in a shallow pan with a small amount of oil or other fat.


Tougher cuts of meat seared in hot oil or fat, followed by slow cooking in liquid seasoned with aromatics until tender.

Grill & Smoke

Direct and indirect dry-heat cooking over an open flame or hot coals thereby adding the inimitable flavor of smoke to roasted meats and veggies.


Cooking foods surrounded with dry heat, usually in an oven, and typically at more accurate and moderate heat than used in roasting.


High heat cooking in oil or other fat by either deep-fat frying when food is totally submerged or pan-frying when partially, but largely submerged.


The flavor enhancements that work for us – from mayonnaise to béarnaise to quick pan sauces – to take mediocre dishes to a higher plain.

Recent Posts

Homemade Mayonnaise

  Homemade Mayonnaise We certainly love Hellmann's mayonnaise at the Byrd House, but with five...

Fish and Chips with Sweet Potato Fries and Tarter Sauce

We embellished upon this English fast food with a yeast dough and tasty sweet potato fries!

Blackened Tuna

Blackened tuna steaks in the style of Paul Prudhomme’s famous blackened red fish.

Spicy Cajun Grouper

Sautéd fresh grouper from the Gulf of Mexico with cajun blackening spices – Totally Paleo-Ketogenic!

Grilled Lobster

Spur of the moment grilled fresh lobster with garlic butter hits the spot!

Brussels Sprouts Asian Umami

Brussels sprouts are extra-healthy veggies that support a Paleo diet. We oven-roasted and pan-fried sprouts with an Asian flair.

Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower makes a great substitute for the comfort of a generous serving of mash potatoes.

Salmon Cakes

Wild caught salmon makes for tasty salmon cakes hot off the the griddle.

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